My husband, brother-in-law and a couple of their experienced friends have started the daunting task of getting the house ready to move. When I tell people that we are moving a house they usually say ‘you’re moving – where?’ to which I reply ‘no, we are actually moving a house’. I never really thought about what was involved with moving a home or building. Luckily there is a house moving company close by that has been in business for many years and knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to moving a house. The bricks need to be removed,  the leaking roof taken off and strapped (a new roof will be put on after the move) and everything around the house must also be removed including the deck and all of the overgrown trees and bushes. As well, the basement ceiling needs to be removed and electrical wiring and ductwork in the basement will have to be carefully disconnected as the basement is obviously not coming with us.

There has been a lot of progress over the last month and the house looks quite different than it did in the ‘before’ photos. There will be a lot more progress photos to come.


Font of house 'before'.

Font of house ‘before’.

The bricks are almost off the front.

The old roof is gone, strapped and the bricks are almost off the front.

Before tearing down the overgrowth and deck.

Before tearing down the overgrowth and deck.

Work in progress...

Work in progress…

No more deck!

No more deck!

Kitchen ceiling is coming down.

Kitchen ceiling and all of that old insulation is coming down.


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