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I am the type of person who likes to feel organized. So with a project this large I have a lot of information to keep track of. I want to keep it all easily accessible so I have created our renovation binder…an information central on every aspect of this project. It covers the following topics so far…

Plans & Permits – This covers all of the boring stuff that has to be done before the foundation can be poured and the house can be moved. It includes things like the permit applications and the names and numbers of any important people we’ve needed so far – architect, building officials, movers, builders, septic people, etc.

Budget – We’ve created a rough estimate of what each part of the renovation will be so we know what we will be dealing with in the long run. We know that there are always surprises in any renovation and extra costs that come up but with an estimate and a budget we’ll be able to adjust it accordingly.

Interior Plan – In this section I’ve got the interior floor plans with any planned changes. I also have photos of the house printed so if I am meeting with someone about the house I can easily show them photos…and at times, to refresh my own memory.


Exterior Plan – This section is fairly large so far with drawings of how we’d like the exterior, some information on siding options, faux stone panels, paint colours, and some landscaping ideas.

Paint – I seem to gather a few new paint swatches every time I enter a store that sells paint. I have a pretty good idea of the paint colours I’d like to use and the brighter colours I like have been an easy choice but the neutrals, not so much. It is truly amazing how many different shades of white and grey there are and how the colours change completely in different lighting. Luckily, we’ve got a long way to go before the paint brushes come out.

Rooms – I have sections for the rooms of the house – basement, kitchen & dining, living room, bedrooms and laundry. This section is growing with my recent kitchen planning.

My binder may not be the perfect organizational system but it works for us.



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