Vintage oven ad.

Vintage oven ad.

Now that I’m deep into planning our kitchen I have to give some thought to appliances. Vintage appliances were so beautiful with their pretty colours and stylish chrome accents. I love that the oven in this ad matches the kitchen’s yellow cabinets. It is the 1959 General Electric Keyboard Cooking Range that could bake, boil, roast, grill and barbeque too with a companion oven. Any housewife would have been thrilled to have had this range. She looks like she’s been busy cooking a turkey, baking two dozen cinnamon buns, boiling potatoes, whipping up some sort of hors d’oeuvres and serving iced tea…all in a spotless kitchen and in heels – impressive!

I managed to find an original 1960s turquoise range, range top and porcelain sink online but unfortunately it is far away and shipping would have been out of the question for such large items. I would love to go with the next best thing, retro appliances like those from Elmira Stove Works – they are so pretty. The company’s Northstar line includes stylish retro ranges, refrigerators, range hoods, dishwasher panels and microwaves to match. They come in some pretty colours too like Robin’s Egg Blue (my favorite), Mint Green, Flamingo Pink, Candy Red and also Textured Black, White and Quicksilver. Their website is and there are dealers throughout Canada (yah!).

Elmira Stove Works appliances in Robin's Egg Blue.

Elmira Stove Works appliances in Robin’s Egg Blue.

Big Chill is another company that offers a line of retro appliances in a variety of colours including Jadite Green, Beach Blue, Cherry Red, Pink Lemonade, Buttercup Yellow, Orange, Black and White. I don’t like their blue as well as the Robin’s Egg Blue from Elmira Stove Works but I really like the Jadite Green which was also the colour of many popular small appliances in the fifties. Their website is and according to their dealer map, the only Canadian dealer is in Toronto.

Jadite Green kitchen appliances from Big Chill's retro line.

Jadite Green kitchen appliances from Big Chill’s retro line.

Both make beautifully vintage looking appliances and I would proudly cook, bake and refrigerate with either make but sadly, I don’t think we have the budget to spend more money on our appliances than we spend on our kitchen cabinets. To give you an idea of cost, the fridges start around the $4000 range. Oh well, a girl can dream right?

And if I have to go with regular appliances what would be best for our kitchen and fit in better with the retro look? Stainless steel or white? The stainless would match with chrome hardware and accessories but the white would look more streamlined with glossy white cabinets. I’m really torn on this one.

I’ve scanned a few vintage appliance ads that will make me want to go retro even more.

How beautiful is this decorative 1959 Frigidaire refrigerator in blue? It has a fancy design on the door and even on the ice compartment. And it had the freezer on the bottom like many of todays refrigerators. I would feel like a kitchen queen too if I had this fridge.

1959 Frigedaire ad.

1959 Frigedaire ad from 1959 McCall’s magazine.

Why can’t today’s refrigerator’s have pretty colourful trays and drawers like this. I love how they’ve styled this photo – it’s colour coordinated to perfection – her shoes match the drawers. And I love how well the fridge is stocked…it looks just like mine. I always have freshly made iced tea, a turkey, cake, vege tray, jello salad and a half dozen frozen desserts ready…just in case visitors pop in.

1959 RCA Whirlpool gas refrigerator.

1959 RCA Whirlpool gas refrigerator.

The Cook-o-matic range sounds fabulous. It came in six interchangeable colours that could be quickly changed for a small cost – chrome, gold, red, copper, pink and blue. What a great idea.

Vintage Cook-o-matic oven ad.

Vintage Cook-o-matic oven ad.

I would love to find one of these vintage Nutone Fold-Away range hood fans and in this aqua colour.

1960s Nutone Fold-Away Range Hood.

1960s Nutone Fold-Away Range Hood.

I’m way behind the times seeing that they had dishwashers in the fifties and I still don’t have one…but I will in our new home (yah!)

Vintage Kitchen Aid dishwasher ad.

Vintage Kitchen Aid dishwasher ad from 1959 McCall’s magazine.

I might just go and look at an Elmira fridge just to see it in person and imagine how good it would look in our kitchen…it can’t hurt to look.

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