The house in its new home waiting for a foundation.

The house in its new home waiting for a foundation.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been much excitement on the home front since the big house move. We have had record cold temperatures all month and sadly, the forecast doesn’t look good. frozen ground makes it almost impossible to dig a hole for the foundation and constant below zero (way below) temperatures are definitely not ideal for pouring and curing concrete without cracks. Our house is sitting on blocks at it’s new location patiently waiting for a new foundation to be placed on. So aside from the house being on hold, everyone around here is sick of this winter weather. It is too cold to be outdoors, shovelling snow is getting old, heavy coats, hats, mitts and boots are cumbersome (I long for the days of just slipping on my sandals)…and the list goes on. The hot water pipe to my kitchen sink has been frozen for a few days which makes doing dishes a bit challenging and to top it off, today a frozen pipe burst while doing laundry. Now to try and look on the bright side instead of just ranting, I am appreciative for indoor plumbing and not having to venture outside to an outhouse like people had to do in the olden days. And think of our grandparents or great grandparents who had to do all of their clothes washing by hand and who had to run out to fill a bucket with water and heat it on the stove before doing dishes or bathing. So I guess I don’t have it so bad. And February is half over which means April is only a month and a half away and April showers bring May flowers…and help to thaw frozen ground.

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