House on blocks and beams in preparation for moving.

We woke up this morning to beautiful blue skies and a bright sun but it was bitter cold. That didn’t stop the guys from working hard all day today and yesterday getting the house ready to be moved. There was hours of work to be done indoors and outdoors but the company doing the moving come with many years of experience moving homes and buildings and they know what they’re doing. When I stopped by to bring them some hot coffee I was able to snap a few quick photos. Large beams were placed under the floor in preparation to move the house. The house looks to be in shambles with the old paper peeling off in spots and some panelling providing a little extra support to the middle of the house but in a few months it will look completely different…for the better.


House is looking a bit torn apart but ready to move.

While the moving guys worked at the house, my husband and brother-in-law spent the day plowing a road through the fields making a smoother path for the truck that will be carrying the house to it’s new home as early as tomorrow. Hard to believe that this house built on it’s current property fifty years ago will have a new home. The original home owners excitedly watched it being built for their family in the sixties and now we get to watch it be moved to our new property and become home to our family. If all goes as planned, the house will make the trip through the fields of snow tomorrow morning.



Building a highway on fields of snow.



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