Wilsonart's new laminate counter top option, Betty

Wilsonart’s new laminate counter top option, Betty

This is Betty – a new laminate counter top option from Wilsonart with a great retro inspired look. I had almost given up on finding a retro pattern countertop that I actually liked so I was so excited when I saw this one online a few months ago. Wilsonart describes Betty as a ‘small-scale abstract pattern of interlocking boxes and squares in a retro colour blend of teal and orange’

The design will definitely go well with the style of our future kitchen. I put together a bit of a collage of parts of the kitchen design; a glossy white tile to represent the cabinets, one of the chrome boomerang handles, a piece of teak as I’m hoping to bring in a teak credenza and light in the dining room, a white subway tile which is likely what we’ll be doing the backsplash in, a photo of our dining room tulip table and the paint colours that are on the top of the list for one wall of our kitchen and dining room. They include Glidden paint Orange Cantaloupe, Rona Collection paint Baby Linen (aqua) and Sico paint’s Cloud of Volcanic Ashes.

Possible colours to go with the Wilsonart Betty counter top

Possible colours to go with the Wilsonart Betty counter top


This could be the perfect counter top for our kitchen if it wasn’t for one thing that has me hesitating. I just got the sample in the mail and it confirmed that the background of this countertop is not white, it is more of a dirty white or linen colour so I’m not sure that it will match well with our future glossy white cabinets. Also, I’m a bit worried about committing to a colour scheme long term…I mean, what if in a year or two I want to change the accent colours in the kitchen to yellow? A countertop in whites or greys would give me endless colour options. We still have some time before we have to order countertops so we can take some more time to decide but this is definitely my favorite retro pattern laminate counter option I’ve seen so far.


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