After yesterday’s frustration about the rain holding off the contractors ability to start digging our basement and foundation as planned, I was super excited today when we drove by the property. There was machinery, giant piles of soil and lots of men hard at work. FINALLY something is happening at our property after months and months of nothing. I am so thankful that things will be moving along now.

Here’s what it looked like at the end of day 1:

Day 1 of digging the basement

Day 1 of digging the basement

The only glitch today was a mix up with the plans. They were setting up the foundation for brick and we are siding the house so they had to change a few things but luckily that was caught in time. And, the water table is high on this property which limits the depth so they really could only dig about 4-5 feet. So with our 9′ basement ceiling height the basement will show quite a ways above ground so it won’t have the low rancher profile. I think that with fill and proper grading and some creative landscaping the end result will be great.

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