The house being moved on the new foundation

The house being moved on the new foundation

Since it’s move across wintery fields back in February, the house had been sitting patiently waiting for spring in order for the new foundation to be poured. With a wet spring, things had to be postponed until the ground dried enough to dig safely. We (well, the concrete guys) were finally able to dig the foundation and pour the basement. After what seemed like forever, it was finally time to move the house onto it’s brand new foundation. This actually proved to be a bit more difficult than it appeared even though the house sat right next to the foundation.

The moving crew worked for a day getting things ready like placing support blocks in the basement and making sure the metal beams on the base of the house were in the right spots.

Supports placed in the basement for the house move

Supports placed in the basement for the house move

It was the perfect day for the final house move with clear blue skies. Our family and a few neighbors came around to watch the excitement, even though it really wasn’t quite as riveting as the original move. The moving truck slowly lifted the house up and over the foundation so the beams were lined up with the window and beam pockets.


After it was in position, it was time for the more precise moving.


Over the next couple of hours the house was moved inch by inch until it was placed in the perfect position. This was a bit of a nail biting moment, hoping that all of the foundation measurements had been done correctly.


Thankfully, it all worked out and the house lined up perfectly with the basement walls.

Finally, it's ready to be placed down.

Finally, it’s ready to be placed down.

And here it sits a few days later on a brand new basement ready for it’s exterior makeover.


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