The roof is on!

The roof is on!

The last few weeks of summer flew by as they always do and then the craziness of September began with back to school and a new job so I haven’t been keeping up with the blog. But with all that will be happening at the house in the next while, I will be sure to keep the updates coming and do some more  more vintage inspired home décor posts.

It will be a while yet until we can start doing what I consider the fun part – painting, decorating and finding the perfect place for all of my vintage finds but there has been some noticeable progress in the last few weeks.

As you can see above, the exterior of the house looks quite a bit different with the chip board and Tyvec applied, roof completed, most of the windows installed and the siding completed on one end. After countless loads of fill the grading of the yard is looking good and our electrician has been busy hooking up the electric panel and installing lights like the pot lights you can see under the front overhang. The house is really starting to come together which makes me very happy.

The windows are almost all installed.

The windows are almost all installed.

The siding is done on one end - the colour is Ironstone, a nice dark grey.

The siding is done on one end – the colour is Ironstone, a nice dark grey.

I am hoping that we have a milder fall and winter holds off until December but as in past years, wintery cold and snow could come sooner than we want. So before the house is ready for winter weather there is still a long list of to-do’s. We need to complete the siding and stone on the front of the house, finish installing the windows, soffit, facia, eaves troughs, install the exterior and garage doors, finish the garage floor in preparation for pouring concrete and pour the front concrete porch. We should be able to get all of that done without a problem in a day or two right? Okay, it may take longer than a few days to complete this list but I know with all of the great workers we’ve got, it will get done.

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